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5 Key Points to Choose the Best File cabinets
May 02, 2018

5 Key Points to Choose the Best File cabinets

Do you worry that how to choose the best file cabinets in the market? These following 5 key points can help you to make best decision.


Key point 1: To know the raw material.

It is very important to know the material of the file cabinet. In general, the steel file cabinet is used to select the excellent quality cold rolled steel box plate with excellent plasticity; its thickness is generally more than 0.6 millimeters. It is made of more than ten working procedures through sheet metal assembly line, acid washing phosphate and so on. It has advantages of anti-rust, strong pressure resistance, impact resistance and not easily deformed.


Key point 2: To see the surface and appearance.

The file cabinet is strict in appearance smoothness, the edges and corners should be standardized, and the angle formed is 90 degrees right angle. When purchasing, you can gently touch the cabinet of the file cabinet to see if it is smooth and neat, and the edges should not be sharp edges.


Key point 3: To check the production process of the file cabinet.

Many well-known manufacturers have strong technical strength, and have been working hard to improve the technology content of file cabinets. General steel file cabinet is the use of electrostatic powder spray technology, and phosphate antirust treatment, so not only smooth and beautiful appearance, but also can extend the service life of the file cabinet.


Key point 4: To see the file cabinet parts.

File cabinet accessories are also very important parts, such as lock, track and pulley, etc., its flexibility, wear resistance and so on in the selection of file cabinet are also not to be ignored details, it will directly affect the daily life and use efficiency.


Key point 5: To know the famous brands of file cabinet:

In the process of purchasing file cabinet, we should have a certain understanding of the reputation and reputation of the brand and sales units of the file cabinet, and clearly know whether the manufacturers and sales units have provided comprehensive and high-quality after-sales service to relieve the worries.

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