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Common bathroom storage tips
Oct 12, 2016

Yiqian, need to receive something in the bathroom just towels, toothpaste and paper drum and other basic items, but the bathroom more and more feature-rich, we increasingly high demands on the receive function. If you have a reasonable design, beautiful and practical bathrooms, can make the bathroom looks patchwork, in order to enhance the bathroom functionality will be of great help.

Bathroom features a more compact and lightweight, in addition to hosting the reception everyday at the same time, a small footprint, can make full use of vacancies or vertical space in the corner of the bathroom, more suitable for family use of bathroom space, according to fair use is characterized by bathroom storage tips.

Bathroom racks there are many kinds of materials, frequently used materials are metal racks, stainless steel racks, glass racks, plastic racks, racks and separators, etc. Material is not only change in appearance, in effect varies widely.

Then take a look at some common bathroom Rack storage features:

Triangular corner shelves: the bathroom is too small, generally placed upright sink to save space, placed in the corner of a small, bathroom corner shelf to accommodate more storage, full use of the space corner, can enhance the overall capacity of the space.

Layered bathroom rack: hierarchical design, layers according to the required height, and covers an area of selection, facilitate the classification hierarchy neatly, moderate height, take a lot easier, you can match and mirror, Bathroom lighting and space will be enhanced.

Man my bathroom: bathroom or bathtub corner storage, solid laminate placed in the corner, no nail drill installation, built-in springs easy to resist, you can configure the triangle shelf and towel bar, bathroom is a very powerful effect on the vertical space between.

Floor bathroom: floor model suitable for casual mobile, Petite, very lightweight. Vertical classifications incorporated, openwork mesh support, convenient drain, keeping items dry. Place toiletries such as shampoo, shower gel, or putting laundry detergent, softener and other cleaning products. Some of the user-friendly design design into an arch or hoop structure, with universal pulley at the bottom, and can move to any corner of the bathroom.