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The Correct Method to Open the Metal Filing Cabinet
Jun 29, 2018

The metal filing cabinet has many methods to open it. 

First of all, you have to admit that the filing cabinet is your own. There is no legal liability after opening it. You will join me in a bold experiment in the future.

metal filing cabinet

1. Carefully observe the structure of the cupboard door (assuming that your filing cabinet has lock and the key, then you will be lucky enough). Make a flat knife. Piercing into the lock and pushing the door open normally, most of them rotate clockwise. After several activities, the filing cabinet is not a safe, and most of them can be opened. If the lock is still empty, you'd better play a larger flat knife. So it can be opened with the greatest strength.

2. See where is the lock column of the file cabinet, carefully observe how the cabinet door is locked, and then test to knock it, when the knockout is to open the cabinet door, it is best not to damage the cabinet,

3. Assuming that you haven't opened it, you are still looking for the key. Suppose you find the best, Congratulations, just turn it around. Otherwise, please refer to the fourth.

4. Use electric drill to drill through the lock core gradually, pay attention to the deformation of the metal filing cabinet is very simple, think about the reuse of the iron file cabinet after opening, you are still slow to come. Turn around and lock up the city or hardware store to find a lock to replace it. Steel filing cabinet: steel file cabinet environmental protection, fire protection and robustness, this is its characteristics, the general steel filing cabinet is selected by cold rolled steel plate Limited, and then on the surface of galvanizing, hot zinc, powder electrostatic spraying and other technologies, very strong and durable. 

This kind of metal file cabinet is also very useful, so it is a good helper in the studio.

metal filing cabinet