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Four Directions of Coming Office Furniture
Sep 26, 2018


China's office furniture industry has experienced more than 30 years of competition and development in the domestic industry, and some top foreign brands set up factories and sales companies in China. Some brands in the industry have entered the domestic and international advanced ranks. However, it is undeniable that there are still uncertainties in this industry, small and miscellaneous, no brand, no technology is still the status quo of most of the industry practitioners. What are the future directions of office furniture? I summed up 4 aspects.

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Direction 1: The market of office furniture is constantly subdivided. To be more precise, what we usually say is that office furniture only refers to the broad sense of office furniture, including public furniture, Hotel Club furniture, school furniture, apartment furniture, archives furniture and so on. Instead of just using office furniture in a narrow sense, the former hybrids of office furniture manufacturers are splitting up and focusing on a more segmented market.


Direction 2: The international brand enters the high-end market of China and the international office furniture brand pays more and more attention to the Chinese market. They focus their product sales on the high-end office furniture market of China. This makes the rising local office furniture enterprises face a lot of challenges, especially the plagiarism problem. The future will be faced with furniture. The challenge of high-end innovative brands.


Direction 3: Simple style dominates the design of office furniture. Both the government and enterprises are consciously practicing the concept of environmental protection when purchasing furniture. In order to further respond to the call of low carbon, the government no longer only considers the heavy benches and chairs, but the design that looks simple and smooth can make people relaxed. Love.


Direction 4: The arrival of the era of e-commerce has brought great benefits to all industries, office furniture industry is no exception, who refuses the Internet in the future, who faces elimination, this is not alarmist. At present, the confusion of office furniture enterprises to the future of furniture e-commerce mainly lies in the lack of effective Internet sales ideas. But there is no doubt that the era of office furniture e-commerce will inevitably come, and has a significant impact on the traditional furniture industry.

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