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Home racks classification number
Oct 12, 2016

1, kitchen racks

In the kitchenKitchen rack Spice rack, pot rack, dish racks, carts racks and so on, can make full use of the kitchen in order.  at home, after all, is a relatively small area, rack installation be sure to save space and location on the rational use of space in our kitchen, and even can be used in the kitchen wall, back upper parts of the kitchen door.

2, Hall racks

Aisle racks have plant shelves, laundry racks, for example, laundry racks, using the free space above the washing machine storage, laundry, bathing and other small items can be placed at the top, generally there are multiple layers of glove, vertical use of space, and ease of use. Bracket can extend above and below, leave enough space.

3, the living room shelves

Living room shelves dominated by beautiful style of choice is even more important, applications have a variety of materials, space, such as wall-mounted shelves, TV background wall decoration, wall cabinet, creative grid and so on.

4, bathroom rack

Rack in the bathroom for a long time in a humid environment, so choose easy moisture rust perishable materials. Consider stainless steel and alloy rack. Many commodities in our daily lives, such as towels, bath towels, toothbrushes, and so on. Small or wall rack is appropriate.