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How do we choose to buy lockers in our life?
Dec 05, 2018

18 Door locker

Clothes changing cabinet is an indispensable existence in life, changing clothes, storing clothes will be used in the locker, especially in the activity room and other public occasions, the locker is indispensable. In our home life is even more indispensable. Now, with the development of locker, there are many styles. The first lockers were made of wood. But in order to follow the practical environment to change its material, in recent years, the changing cabinet has appeared waterproof, anti-corrosion stainless steel quality, because it can be moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, and other characteristics, so the steel material of the changing cabinet is very popular.

Several Points for Attention in Choosing and Purchasing Wardrobes

According to our company's many years of experience, the following points are summarized


1. Material and environmental protection of locker. The quality of material directly determines the quality and service life of the locker. There are also two standards for sheet metal, domestic standards and international standards. One is moistureproof and solid wood granular material, the other is high density material. The use of these two materials will directly affect the life and quality of wardrobes. Environmental protection should be judged according to the wardrobe.

2. Hardware accessories for locker. Hardware fittings are usually used on the border of the locker door, good fittings are used.

It can reduce the probability of door deformation. Sliding door pulley is hardware fittings, if used for a long time, the pulley below wears very much, the screw connected in the cabinet body will also affect the wardrobe, if used with traditional screw, a little bit of time will rust, reducing the service life. So hardware accessories will affect the life of lockers.


3. The style matching of the wardrobe and the moving door style of the wardrobe are quite a few. The choice depends on whether the whole is matched or not, and also on whether the overall color matches with the room.

4. The design function of wardrobe, wardrobe is not only used to store clothes, now people will put a lot of things in the wardrobe. Therefore, the structure of the design will be varied. When choosing and purchasing, it should be based on the use of functions.

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