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how to choose file cabinet?
Dec 12, 2018

File cabinet: Kodak office furniture tells you how to choose file cabinet?

Document cabinets are of vital importance to both senior administrative officers and general office staff, as well as to group bosses and managers of large companies. Document cabinet is suitable for placing all kinds of documents. It can print labels, paste them in corresponding places, make clear the classification, and look through the documents at a glance. What kind of filing cabinet is more cost effective?

2018-12-12 Filing Cabinet

1. What material should be used in the filing cabinet?

At present, the filing cabinets on the market are mainly made of steel filing cabinets and wood filing cabinets. Steel filing cabinet is also called iron filing cabinet. It has good tolerance, durability, long life and easy maintenance. It is popular in modern office filing cabinet. Wooden file cabinets are high-end atmospheric, beautiful style, mostly used in families and high-end office places. They are loved by elites. However, wooden file cabinets have short service life and weak corrosion resistance. Generally speaking, steel file cabinets are popular with consumers. Hefei Zhuochen Office Equipment Co., Ltd. is a well-known office cabinet supplier in Anhui Province. Its file cabinet products are well received by users.

2. What price filing cabinets are suitable for different occasions?

Document cabinets are mostly used in offices, archives and reference rooms with more materials. Because of the limitation of its function, the application of the filing cabinet is not too many, so the key is to choose the filing cabinet which is consistent with the overall decoration style of the environment. Generally speaking, the price of file cabinet has a direct relationship with material quality and workmanship. As the saying goes, a penny, a penny, as long as the material and technology are determined, the inexpensive and beautiful file cabinet will always be selected. Luoyang Keda Office Furniture Co., Ltd. has advanced production equipment and technical installation personnel, and constantly committed to product quality development, striving to deliver high quality and low price filing cabinets to customers.

2018-6-6 Supplier Assessment

3. How long is the warranty period for general filing cabinets?

The function of the file cabinet determines that the file cabinet must have a long service life. Therefore, the guarantee period and the guarantee period of the file cabinet are also important considerations for purchase.

Luoyang Keda Office Furniture Co., Ltd. adopts high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, one-time rolling forming, with anti-corrosion and moisture-proof, exquisite workmanship, sophisticated workmanship, pipeline technology, to ensure the reliable quality of products; at the same time, the cabinet of the file cabinet adopts aluminum alloy handle, which is comfortable, dirty and wear-resistant, durable; and uses electrostatic powder spraying, environmental protection and pollution-free. It is not easy to fade and fade. The partition can also be adjusted at will for easy use. Contact number: 13937918196, company website: