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How to choose stainless steel file cabinet
Nov 01, 2018

Luoyang Keda's main business of steel office furniture, stainless steel products, what are the advantages? Stainless steel cabinets are used more in hospitals. Luoyang Keda introduces the distinction between stainless steel cabinets.


Material advantages of stainless steel filing cabinets:


1. Beautiful appearance and diversified use possibilities;

2, good corrosion resistance, longer than ordinary steel;

3, the strength is high, so the possibility of using the thin plate is large;

4, high temperature oxidation and high strength, so it can resist fire;

5, normal temperature processing, that is, easy plastic processing;

6, because it does not have surface treatment, it is simple and easy to maintain;

7, clean, high finish;

8, good welding performance.


2018-11-1, Metal filing cabinet 

How to choose stainless steel file cabinet ?


1, Pay attention to the appearance

The document cabinet requires stricter flatness of the appearance, and the edges and corners of the document cabinet are to be standardized, and the angle formed is a right angle of 90 degrees. When shopping, touch the panel with your hand to see if it is smooth and there should be no sharp edges outside the corners.


2, Process

Many well-known manufacturers have strong technical strength to improve the scientific and technological content of file cabinets.


3, File Cabinet Accessories

(such as: locks, tracks and pulleys, etc.) its flexibility, wear resistance, etc., in the purchase of file cabinets are also indispensable details, it will directly affect the daily work.


4, Brand

In the process of purchasing the file cabinet, we should have a certain understanding of the brand and sales unit's popularity and credibility of the file cabinet and whether the manufacturer and the sales unit have provided comprehensive and high-quality after-sales service to relieve the buyer's worries.


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