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How to make easy stainless steel racks and disassemble?
Oct 12, 2016

1, stainless steel shelves

Stainless steel racks are creative, beautiful combinations of 100%DIY, for your home to add luster, a new showcase your home life. Complete specifications, functional, bright shelves permeability, hundreds of styles there is always a right for you!

2, stainless steel shelves of the common specifications

According to the diameter of the cylinder can be divided into: 25mm 19mm φ 14mm common specifications;

Through the bearing capacity: can be divided into 250kg150kg100kg50kg level;

Function: can be divided into industrial land, the home of the two.

3, easy stainless steel racks and disassemble

Stainless steel rack single layer in static mesh belt wheel bearing can reach 100KG, existing on the market are obviously different from the plastic and metal shelves. Not only that, but removing it is also very convenient, take up less space.