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How to use shelf kitchen storage?
Oct 12, 2016

First, keep your distance. Want to enjoy cooking, with a minimum of access. Things only need to reach a step or place where I can get, "freezer-cooking--storage rack-" keep 2-3 step moves. Even in the narrow kitchen, often with vegetables and spices will make people tired.

Second, the sorting. Specifications for various sizes, shapes, things are sort of, concrete suggestions for placing:

1. kitchen cabinet: General design at a high level, because it is too high is not easy, so what long time. Easily place seasonings and other hygroscopic things.

2. food: easy to take place but because there is less space, so placing frequently used spices and detergent and sponges.

3. the drawer: second place to get. In order to place the spoon, measuring cup, scissors, bottle opener and other frequently used stuff.

4. the following shelves: the shelves may not be fixed because of the drain and, you can use things like placing the shelf tray to avoid the drain. Can be easily accessed without squatting can put frequently used tools and larger plates, and so on. Bottom is very wet, the place not exposed to moisture, such as bottles or less to use, heavy tools.

Third, keep it clean. Less dust, less exposed area of tools, and easy to clean. Strongest strong suction hood, is no guarantee of zero smoke in the kitchen.