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Introduction of metal racks and characteristics
Oct 12, 2016

Metal racks are made of wire, mesh, and made up of Poles and accessories. NET is mainly based on carbon steel, and wood laminates and glass. Accessory clip, direction handles, u-shaped handle, side mesh, back screen, single wave, cast wheels, panels, separator NET.

Carbon steel net and pole first of original material is carbon steel. Carbon steel is a very tough, very tenacious metallic materials. Also some original material is stainless steel. Surface is the metallic element chromium, chromium is a light, wear-resisting, long a new chemical element. Mesh, vertical surfaces are the chrome and paint disposal, thus this type of rack is also known as chromium plating, chrome-plated racks, wire mesh rack, and so on.

(1) appropriate environmental combination of modern home furniture: save log, which coincide with the needs of modern eco-friendly. Batch processing and machinery, transportation, lots of cost savings also caters to people seeking concise and varied, original style of individual needs. Based on a creative planning to decorate home life, use it as a cover to set furniture, showing a kind of psychic gas. Together, function, sensitivity to what you use.

(2) the sensitivity is variable: pillars usually every inch a Groove, but feel free to adjust NET height. Can be arbitrary combinations according to the actual demand, extending to the mercy of random or back-and-forth loose connections. With a variety of accessories, shelves can form a variety of features, such as with v-shaped hook, barrel, units rack; plus direction handles, wheels, group dining car or cart, plus separate piece and side piece, group shelves, and so on.

(3) construction: the chrome-plated carbon steel mesh and prop combination becomes outside, construction, planning, flexible, handling simple, bright and clean.