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Metal Almirah Wardrobe
Sep 13, 2018

Metal Almirah Wardrobe has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, bright color without fading, never rusting, long service life and so on. Become the furniture of choice for modern people. Now let's enjoy this 3 doors Metal Almirah Wardrobe.

 3 Door Metal Almirah

This Metal Almirah Wardrobe is made of SPCC cold-rolled steel plate. It is durable, large space and large capacity. It can be easily placed and saved space. Moreover, the cabinet door of this Metal Almirah Wardrobe is equipped with louvered ventilation holes, and is not afraid of having peculiar smell in it. The overall design is fashionable, and lines and colors are very well matched. There are key locks and induction locks and password locks and so on. They are free to choose.


This Metal Almirah Wardrobe uses thickened cold-rolled steel plate, smooth surface, not easy to deformation, high strength, durable, provides an additional layer of protection and longer service life. Reasonable space allocation, flexible storage, to meet people's various needs, the locker also has a solid wood hanger pole, easy to solve the problem of clothing storage. Let the space be neat and orderly, and life is more quality.

3 door metal almirah wardrobe