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Movable Shelves help to lose weight for your Record Room!
Mar 14, 2018

Movable Shelves help to lose weight for your Record Room!

Record room is the most important part in large enterprises, schools and government office. The Archives management involves all aspects of history, politics and economy. Days ago, our company had sold some movable shelves to a school. After finishing the installation and acceptance of the equipment, the headmaster said that these movable shelves would be sold to lose weight for our record room. Now it does work well. Then I suddenly realized that it is necessary to share the importance of losing weight for your record room.

Here I would talk about the necessity of losing weight as following 2 points.


First: The status of the storage the movable shelves. The importance of archival documents is no more than I overemphasized, and most people know it. But the storage status of archives in some places is really painful. For example, store files with heavy and old wooden cabinets. Wooden cabinets are not only damp proof but also easy to breed pests. There are wooden cabinets that do not fire, still, and if there is a fire, the record room is finished. It is difficult to manage the file label with wooden cabinet, and the volume of the files is very small compared with the unit volume. This is the current storage status of many record room, because of wooden cabinet.


Second: File storage solution – movable shelves. The movable shelf can save more than 70% of the space, which has solved the above problems for us, it has the advantages of low cost, fireproof, moisture-proof, dust-proof, anti rat, large storage capacity, convenient use, space saving, convenient and label management, has become the best choice of national government departments and large enterprises store data. It is also the best choice for you to lose weight in the record room!