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Office Furniture Enters a New Era of Marketing
Jul 09, 2018

    Since April of this year, the office furniture industry seems to be generally depressed. Some of the manufacturers are in trouble because of the joint insurance gold chain fracture. Some big brands are affected by the control of civil furniture or real estate business. They begin to make internal adjustment and reduce expenses. The main reason is the impact of the big environment in addition to the problems of individual manufacturers themselves.

    Generally depressed market environment

    The global economy continues to be sluggish, affecting the export - based office furniture enterprises, which not only reduce the quantity of shipments, but also lower the price. Many industries are exporting almost at cost price, even lower than cost. The purpose is to keep the operation of the enterprises and wait for the opportunity to improve. Under the influence of real estate regulation in China, the overall economy cannot grow at a high speed of two digits in previous years, which has a combined effect on purchasing power and demand. In addition, the Chinese government has begun to pay attention to the administrative expenditure other than "three Gong", such as the website of the Guangzhou Municipal Finance Bureau. The new revised "common facilities allocation standard for the municipal administrative units in Guangzhou" is being consulted, and the purchase price of office furniture has a specific standard. The off-season purchase also affects the purchase of office furniture in the short term.

    Change marketing thinking

    This is the worst time and the best time. It is called opportunity and challenge. Manufacturers should recognize the core business value of office furniture and establish a higher professional threshold. Carnegie believes that an entrepreneur must seize opportunities and take advantage of opportunities at a crucial moment. But only by facing and grasping with new ideas, new thinking and professional wisdom can we win the first prize. After all, everyone can make use of the same opportunity, but few people can grasp it.

With the development of marketing theory, the office furniture manufacturers should choose the marketing thinking and model suitable for development according to their own comprehensive strength and advantages, and integrate the essence of various marketing methods to achieve a win-win situation of social and economic benefits.

office furniture

    New marketing guidelines and programs


The basic idea of the future office furniture marketing is to face the marketing of the two or three tier cities. In contrast, it is to develop products that are suitable for this market demand. We should grasp the proportion between the mass produced products and the individualized products.

    We must have a comprehensive and series development thinking on the system furniture, table, cabinet, chair, and furniture. Every item should pay attention to design innovation to produce group effect and fully display design ability and enterprise strength.

Further fine products will be developed towards public furniture (school furniture, medical furniture, financial furniture).

    At least owns the research and development and production capacity of painted solid wood products and panel screens and seats.

Product development and production system will incorporate environmental protection into it.

In the absence of a leading brand in the industry, do not develop niche products that are too avant-garde or conceptual, so as not to waste resources.


    Price is the monetary manifestation of value. Price performance ratio is the proportional relationship between performance and price, and high cost performance is still an important criterion for the market.

    What kind of office furniture can be described as cost-effective? The price of 70%70 with the same quality, specification and type can be called high cost performance. In the product level configuration, we must ensure that the products with high cost performance account for 8080%% of all the products of the enterprise.

    Ensure that all products of enterprises can achieve gross profit and 110%0% net profit of 2020%% at last.

    Reasonable pricing, avoid profiteering, fully consider the proportion of profit and market share, and skillfully balance the relationship between them, so as to maximize profits.


    To be bigger, we must have a good channel foundation and have a reasonable mix of high, medium and low grade products. Different grades of products should be expressed with different brands, but multiple channels should be combined. At the same time, each channel has a professional development, management, assistance and sharing mechanism.

Direct sale: suitable for Beijing / Tianjin, Shanghai Yangtze River Delta, Guangdong Pearl River Delta area 400400 km in diameter.

    Special sales: it belongs to the direct selling range. Most of the special sales teams are attached to the direct selling outlets of the manufacturer's headquarters. Through the cooperation with the professional designers in the region, or using the important resources of their own, the major customers are directly developed.

Distribution: This is the most difficult selling channel for manufacturers to divide into total distribution, Distribution Agency, affiliate, image store, store, project / project coordination, etc.

    For export.

    Net sales: This is a new marketing way. When enterprises establish national logistics system, this method can be tried. It is best to study, SOHO and small office furniture.


    It belongs to the category of marketing operation, including: brand management, VVII implementation, advertising, sales materials, related activities, exhibition participation, public relations operation, market operation, planning operation, public welfare activities, international exchange, sales promotion, exhibition hall, etc. The main point of its operation is to spend money on every penny. Even those who have more money need to plan carefully. But at present, the most common mistake made by domestic office furniture makers is that they spend a lot of money but fail to achieve the desired result.


    The operation of the market is inseparable from the environment, especially the relevant policies of the government. In China, the largest group of office furniture is government agencies and institutions.

    Therefore, enterprises should always pay attention to policy changes and adjust their products and marketing methods in time.

    Will the major policies affect the industry? What measures do enterprises have?

Will the government's major inputs bring business opportunities to enterprises?

Is the quality standard issued by the government consistent with its own product?

Does the government's procurement rules affect sales?


    Marketing is inseparable from talent, enterprises should attach great importance to the introduction and training of talents. There must be a professional talent introduction and training plan and mechanism.

    Scientific allocation of talents, recruitment is targeted.

The training methods include independent training, commissioned training, etc.

Types of training: marketing training, production training, design training, assembly training, business training, management training, etc.

    It is better to provide specialized training places, courses, teachers and teaching materials.

When an enterprise has enough strength, it can consider setting up a professional institution to cultivate professional talents in office furniture.

    (Public Relations)

    It is said that the public relations are not the general communicative value, but a management function. In the marketing system, the relationship between public relations is a tool used by enterprises to build public trust.

Enterprises use their own resources, funds and other advantages to establish good relations with the media, groups, institutions, promote public understanding, understanding and support to the enterprise, to improve the reputation and reputation, promote the purpose of product sales.

      The nature of public relations has some natural connection with the media, but at present, most office furniture enterprises lack this understanding. It is a common phenomenon in this industry not to pay attention to the media and not to strive for the right to speak.

office furniture