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Powder Spraying of Steel Office Furniture
May 09, 2018

Powder Spraying Process of Luoyang Steel Office Furniture


    Luoyang steel office furniture technology spraying, electrostatic spraying is the use of high-voltage electrostatic field to negatively charged paint particles in the opposite direction of the direction of movement of the electric field, and paint particles adsorbed on the surface of the work piece a spraying method. Electrostatic spraying equipment consists of spray guns, spray cups, and electrostatic spraying high-voltage power supplies.

    During the steel office furniture spray work, the electrostatic spray gun or spray plate, spray cup, paint particle part is connected to the negative pole, the steel furniture work piece is connected to the positive pole and grounded, under the high voltage of the high voltage power supply, the end of the spray gun (or spray plate, spray cup) An electrostatic field forms between the work pieces. The electric force applied by the paint particles is proportional to the voltage of the electrostatic field and the charge of the paint particles, and is inversely proportional to the distance between the spray gun and the work piece. When the voltage is high enough, an air ionization zone is formed near the end of the spray gun, and the air is intense. Ground ionization and heat generation make a dark red halo around the sharp edge of the gun or around the pole pin, which can be clearly seen in the dark. At this time, the air produces a strong corona discharge.

    Most of the film-forming materials of steel office furniture in the coating, namely resins and pigments, are composed of macromolecular organic compounds, and are mostly conductive dielectrics. In addition to film-forming materials, solvent-based coatings include organic solvents, co-solvents, curing agents, and electrostatic diluents. And other types of additives and other substances. In addition to benzene, xylene, solvent gasoline, etc., these solvent-based substances are mostly polar substances with low electrical resistivity and certain electrical conductivity. They can improve the charging performance of coatings.


    The molecular structure of the dielectric can be divided into polar molecules and non-polar molecules. Dielectrics composed of polar molecules show electrical properties when acted upon by an applied electric field; dielectrics composed of non-polar molecules are well outside.

After the paint is atomized by the nozzle and sprayed, the atomized paint particles are charged due to contact when passing through the needle or spray plate of the muzzle or the edge of the spray cup. When passing through the gas ionization zone generated by the corona discharge, Increase its surface charge density once. Under the action of the electrostatic field of these negatively charged paint particles, the surface of the work piece having the polarity of polarity is moved and deposited on the surface of the work to form a uniform coating film.