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Practical Rack storage method
Oct 12, 2016

Rack storage option one: always worrying about the narrow and cramped bathroom space, facial cleanser, shampoo and other toiletries and spray, gel, and other cosmetics are often placed together, make a bathroom look a mess. Ever bathroom door, can also help you improve space utilization of know-how, these goods, even towels could use gadget, cleverly placed them behind the door.

Rack storage programme II: are we at home is often carved in place, most people simply use it as a device for separating rooms inside and outside, some young people prefer to attach a beautiful poster on the door. Behind the door is also a good place for storage, you can use imagination to create unique landscape for the space behind the door.

Rack storage scenario three: family always has a lot of stationery for various purposes in the SOHO area, bits and pieces of small objects placed outside the inevitably messy looking. Study door is journey into amazing caves, scissors, folders, stationery, such as vertical storage to come in, opened the door in front of you is a neat SOHO space.

Rack storage scenario four: closet may be the most difficult to deal with, and seasons clothes have taken full cubicle, rest easy folding hats, handbags and so on is really a headache. But don't worry, some simple hook that can help you out. The space behind the door labeled them, irregular items will have a storage place, don't take up closet space.