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Shelf storage of different materials compare
Oct 12, 2016

Wood storage racks

Install cumbersome, need someone to install, men live

Using trees as raw material environment, formaldehyde on human health have a great, easy moth

More traditional, simple Cabinet style mostly monotonous

Paint texture and easy to take care of the wood texture, easy to clean

Is not easy to disassemble and carry difficult and expensive

More than 1000 Yuan, the service life is ragged

Second, simple cloth wardrobe shelf

Cloths and accessories easily damaged

Chemical fiber materials, not put delicates

Long dust, surfaces of old

Need to disassemble the washing, not easy to take care of

Easy to disassemble, easy to move free

50-10 1-2, one-time

Three metal shelves

Easy to install super easy installation, the baby will be installed

Environmentally friendly, nontoxic, harmless to human body

Beautiful, stylish patterns, variety of colors popular in Japan and Korea

Easy care, gently wipe the surface, beautiful like new

Easy to move, and easy to disassemble, after you pack portable

Price 200 Yuan, available for more than five years