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Steel Clothes Wardrobe
Aug 22, 2018

Clothes wardrobe refers to the clothes wardrobe for storing clothes, is an indispensable commodity in people's lives, widely used in households, public utilities, offices, schools and other places, modern changing clothes wardrobe is made of steel, wood, plastic and so on.


Before the reform and opening up, most of the clothes wardrobes were made of wood materials. With the process of reform and opening up, clothes wardrobes have the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, colorful (can be made into a variety of colors) and non-fading (color masterbatch blended with raw materials), never rusting (materials are plastic), long service life and so on.


steel clothes wardrobe

Introduction of Clothes Wardrobe


The clothes wardrobe can be divided into three types: Steel clothes wardrobe, wooden clothes wardrobe and plastic clothes wardrobe.


Steel clothes wardrobe: 0.4-0.8 mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate; clothes wardrobe using electrostatic spraying equipment for phosphating and rust prevention; color for matt white or gray white, other colors can be customized; specifications: 1800/1850 * 900 * 420 mm, unconventional size manufacturers can be customized; some manufacturers will also use iron sheet to save costs Please pay attention when buying.


Wood clothes wardrobe: mainly made of pure wood or composite board, pure wood durable but expensive and difficult to move, mainly for the rich families to buy; composite board material cheap but not durable, mostly for rental temporary purchase, mostly discarded when moving, can be purchased according to their own needs.


Plastic clothes wardrobe (ABS clothes wardrobe), also known as full plastic clothes wardrobe or plastic steel clothes wardrobe. Plastic clothes wardrobes are widely used in various special places for their unique materials, such as swimming pools, gymnasiums, bathrooms, beach baths, fitness clubs, bath centers, stations, subway stations, large industrial and mining enterprises, Department stores, supermarkets, maps, etc. Libraries, sports grounds, ski resorts, golf courses and many other places.


ABS clothes wardrobe has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, bright color and color without fading, never rusting, long service life and so on.


Features of steel clothes wardrobes


1, material: the material of the general clothes wardrobe is 0.6~08mm high quality cold rolled steel plate.


2, accessories: General clothes wardrobe with plastic handle or aluminum alloy handle and door lock;


3, clothes wardrobe: the general clothes wardrobe is made of electrostatic spraying equipment for phosphating and antirust treatment.


4, color: the normal product color is matte white or gray, and other colors can be customized.


5, specifications: 1800/1850*900*420mm specifications; unconventional size manufacturers can be customized;


Maintenance instructions for clothes wardrobes


The clothes wardrobe space is easy to dry and avoid light, the wet environment is easy to make the steel clothes wardrobe surface plastic powder fall off and lead to rust, plastic powder sensitive to ultraviolet light, easy to fade influence beautiful. Can use wet cloth to clean, and then wipe with dry cloth to clean water, not easy to clean parts can first use toothpaste after cleaning.


The new plastic clothes wardrobe can be washed directly with water, which is much simpler and more convenient. No longer afraid of dampness and rust. It is just once and for all in a wet environment. A simple way to restore the luster of a steel clothes wardrobe is to add a little vinegar to the hot water and dip it gently with a soft cloth. Don't exert too much force, or the film will be damaged. Milk can also be used to remove furniture odor: first a cup of boiled milk placed in the furniture (clothes wardrobes), the clothes wardrobe door closed, after the milk cooled out, the original odor in the furniture will disappear.

 steel clothes wardrobe

Cleaning and maintenance


Steel clothes wardrobe, as the name implies, is used to change clothes, clothes storage clothes wardrobe, at first people choose wooden change clothes wardrobe or steel clothes wardrobe in life, but with the use of different places and wet environment requirements, in recent years also born waterproof, corrosion-resistant change clothes wardrobe, because it is made of plastic Therefore, it has the characteristics of moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and wear-resistant, non-toxic and tasteless, bright color but not fading, never rust, long service life and so on, more suitable for people's daily life. Generally speaking, changing clothes wardrobes can be divided into three types in terms of material selection: one is steel changing clothes wardrobes, the other is wooden changing clothes wardrobes, and a plastic changing clothes wardrobe that was not common before. For the cleaning and maintenance of clothes wardrobes, we should follow the following aspects.


1. The clothes wardrobe should be placed in a place where the air is drier and the light can be avoided. The wet environment is easy to make the plastic powder on the surface of the steel clothes wardrobe fall off and lead to the rust of the clothes wardrobe. The plastic powder is sensitive to ultraviolet radiation and is easy to fade, which affects the beauty of the home environment.


2. The clothes wardrobe can be cleaned with a wet cloth, and then wiped with a dry cloth to clean the moisture, to avoid moisture residue, damage the clothes wardrobe. For the parts that are not easy to clean in the clothes wardrobe, you can first use toothpaste to smear them before cleaning them.


3. Should carry on the maintenance to the steel clothes wardrobe, restores its original luster, may add a little vinegar in the hot water, then dips in the vinegar water with the soft cloth, wipes gently, pays attention not to be too strong otherwise will damage the changing clothes wardrobe paint film. To maintain the clothes wardrobe can also use milk to remove the odor of the clothes wardrobe, the first way is to place a cup of boiled milk in the clothes wardrobe, and then close the door of the clothes wardrobe until the milk cooled out, so that the clothes wardrobe inside the original odor can be removed.


4, regular cleaning and maintenance. During the daily use of the clothes wardrobe, the dust and stains should be regularly cleaned and kept clean. When cleaning, try to use soft cotton cloth which is not easy to depilate. If you use too hard, rough rags or cotton cloth with foreign objects to wipe, it will rub the paint and lose its luster. Do not wash the clothes wardrobes with hot water, alkaline water or disinfectant water, which will damage the paint on the surface of the clothes wardrobe.


5. Place the steel clothes wardrobe smoothly to ensure the use of the clothes wardrobe function and prevent damage to the clothes wardrobe structure. If the changing clothes wardrobe is often unstable after placement, the fastener will loose over time, the joint tenon or connector loose, the bonding part cracks, affecting the service life of the changing clothes wardrobe. If the ground is uneven, make sure that the legs of the clothes wardrobes are covered.


6, to maintain indoor ventilation and dry environment. Regular maintenance of indoor ventilation can not only make indoor humid air and outdoor exchange, but also make the chemical substances in wooden changing clothes wardrobes as volatile as possible to the outdoor, often open windows or doors, so that air convection or the use of air conditioning system and ventilation system.


7, do a good job in the long-term protection of steel clothes wardrobes. Place camphor and tobacco leaves in the clothes wardrobe, prevent borers and cockroaches, and place pepper to prevent rats.


8. Protect the door of the clothes wardrobe door, and there is no debris and dust in the track.


9. Clean the surface with corrosive cleaning solution. If the mirror and glass are damaged, please replace the professionals.


10, prevent heavy objects and sharp instruments from hitting the track, in order to prevent orbital deformation from affecting the sliding effect.


11. Avoid collision of hard ware.


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steel clothes wardrobe