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Steel Filing Cabinet
Sep 05, 2018

steel filing cabinet

steel filing cabinet


Steel filing cabinet, also known as metal sheet file cabinet, is a set of cold-rolled steel plate through a complete and precise production process to complete the cabinet, mainly used for the placement of documents, information and various archival items.


Chinese Name: steel filing cabinet

Also called: iron file cabinet.

Definition: the cold rolled steel plate passes through a complete set of precision.

Suitable places: companies, factories, schools and training institutions.


Brief Introduction


The categories of steel filing cabinets can be divided into filing cabinets, filing cabinets, information cabinets, movable cabinets, key cabinets, dismantling cabinets, compact cabinets, CD-ROM cabinets, bookcases, changing cabinets, shoe cabinets, storage cabinets. Applicable places: Suitable for service companies, factories, schools, various training institutions, hospitals, banks and government organs and other enterprises and institutions.


Manufacturing Process


1. Cutting: Cutting out the cold-rolled steel plate (back plate, side plate, door plate, roof plate, pull-out, laminate plate, etc.) with a shearing machine.

2. stamping: use punch press to remove the corner and handle.

3. bending: fold the inner hem and the outer hem with the bending machine.

4. welding: spot welding and reinforcement with electric welder.

5 polished: surface solder polished, smooth surface without burrs.

6. pickling and phosphating: put the welded iron file cabinet down the chemical tank to remove the oil and remove rust.

7. spray molding: semi-finished products enter the spray booth, electrostatic spray.

8. assembly: assembly door, handle, key and other accessories.

9 inspection: inspection by inspectors

10. finished product: wrapped in paper skin.


steel filing cabinet

Common Specifications


1. High 1800mm* width 850mm* deep 390mm

2. High 1800mm* width 900mm* deep 400mm

3. High 1810mm* width 880mm* deep 400mm/500mm



Product Features


*SPCC high quality cold rolled steel plate;

* surface electrostatic powder spraying, environmental protection, no poison, no smell;

* the welding part is of high standard fusion welding, the surface is smooth and smooth.

* it is more convenient for door opening and fetching.

* unique grey blue drawer edge design, with handle function, beautiful and durable.

* file cabinet storage system design is reasonable;

* material selection, exquisite workmanship, perfect function;

* categorization of documents;

* standard size is more ready for future expansion.

* save your files;

* plan a well-established storage system.

steel filing cabinet 

Shopping Guide


1. the thickness of the cabinet wall and the thickness of the cabinet wall should reach at least 0.6mm.

2. look at the internal structure of spot welding technology, dense and solid commodities will be strong.

3. Businessmen must be allowed to determine whether they have been pickled and phosphated, without pickling and phosphating, poor moisture-proof quality.


Maintenance Skills


Steel filing cabinets are most popular in modern filing cabinets. Steel filing cabinet is green and easy to haul for long distance. The main thing is to put long files on file. The key to maintenance is to maintain cleanliness and avoid sharp scratches. For stubborn stains, wipe the surface with detergent. When placing steel file cabinets, avoid direct sunlight to prevent paint oxidation, and avoid overloading to prevent structural damage of steel file cabinets. When you need to move, try not to drag to avoid damaging the surface of paint.