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Steel Kitchen Cabinets
Aug 03, 2018

 steel kitchen cabinets, simply speaking, are made of  steel. It evolved from the steel kitchen utensils in the hotel canteen. The concept and formation of the family steel cupboard was a little later than the wooden cabinet. It was probably formed in the end of 90s twentieth Century. It was popular in a certain range, about two reasons: one is its strong modern metal style, and it is deeply impressed by the modern fashions. The two is that the wooden cabinet is easy to crack and crack, and the steel can make up the defects of the wooden cabinet, so the steel kitchen utensils, which only appeared in the restaurant and canteen, were introduced into the family cabinet ranks. The steel cupboard revealed a strong post-modern feature when it came out of such a kitchen. Dishes are delicious and fresh and meticulous, just like industrial precision casting.

2018-8-3 Steel Kitchen Cabinet 01.jpg 

Brief introduction

 steel cupboard, simply said to use  steel as the material, made of cabinet, it evolved from the hotel canteen  steel kitchen utensils, the concept of the concept and formation of the family  steel cabinet a little later than the wooden cabinet, probably formed in the end of 90s twentieth Century, in a certain range of flow, the reason is about two: one is it A strong modern metal style, deeply loved by modern fashions; two is caused by corrosion and cracking of wooden cabinet,  steel can make up the defects of wooden cabinet, so the original  steel kitchen utensils, which only appeared in hotel restaurants and canteens, were introduced into the ranks of family cupboards. Rusty steel cupboards reveal a strong post-modern feature. When a dish of a dish of delicacy is served from such a kitchen, it is as refreshing and meticulous as an industrial precision casting. The design of steel cabinet is mostly simple straight line, horizontal and vertical, reduce unnecessary decorative lines, thus creating a sense of openness of space. In such a main atmosphere, the same material flume, cooker and range hood can be embedded more secluded.

Get into it and feel all in one. In order to prevent the hard material from the bottom cabinet and the hanging cabinet to make noise, the cabinet will install the silencer in these places so that you can enjoy the quiet time. steel kitchen cabinets can be separable, and all components can be freely installed and assembled, with complete functions. steel mesa looks very avant-garde, and shiny is not easy to show dirty. Even contaminated with oil, it is easy to clean up and use many days to shine. Cool touch in summer can eliminate the feeling of hot smog in cooking. By the end of 2013. Of all the materials available for kitchen countertops, steel ranks first in the ability to resist bacterial regeneration, so food on top should be the most hygienic.

 2018-8-3 Steel Kitchen Cabinet 02.jpg

Advantages and disadvantages

Nine advantages

1, steel cabinet counter is a body, will never crack.

2, no test is absolutely environmentally friendly, because steel is not synthesized by epoxy resin, nor the radiation of natural granite.

3. The integration of basin, baffle and table makes the whole table feel very good, and there is no gap, and no bacteria will grow.

4, fire prevention is not afraid of heat. Hot dishes will not be affected on the table, and it is safer.

5, anti-permeability is good, when cooking at home will inevitably spill soy sauce soup on the table, gently wipe absolutely no trace;

6, steel impact resistance, hardness is strong, if one day, the pot is not caught on the table, rest assured that steel will not.

Brazil pear wood shaped steel cabinet

Brazil pear wood shaped steel cabinet

Do not give us a face;

7, good cleaning, only with wet cloth cleaning detergent, simple scrubbing can make steel mesa bright.

8, never discoloration, many other products of the table with a long time will change the old, and the benefits of steel is always new; the other wooden cabinet to replace the time, will cause two pollution, and the steel cupboard completely avoided, but also can have recovery value. [1]

9, in general, the steel cabinet material should conform to the national food safety certification. Under the usual condition, the surface of the steel medium is in the passivation state, the chemical property is very stable, so it is very safe to use.


The sense of vision is hard and gives the feeling of cold ice. The corner parts and joint parts of the counter of the cupboard are also lack of reasonable and effective treatment. These scratches are also easy to hide dirty things, usually wipe its surface must pay special attention. At present, most domestic steel mesa are prone to oxidation phenomenon, which is quite different from the similar products imported. And the price of the imported products is high.

 KD-059 细节主图2.jpg

Purchasing skills

1. Material. The quality of steel kitchenware directly affects the quality of the cabinet. The main material of the cabinet is artificial stone, marble, fireproof board, steel product and so on. Each material has its own advantages and disadvantages. It can be chosen according to your own needs. For example, you like metal texture, choose steel; if you have limited funds, then choose the economic type, the fireproof board is the most suitable for you. If you prefer the beautiful appearance, then choose artificial stone, you can adjust the color according to your own wishes.

2. Accessories. The quality of hardware accessories is also an important indicator affecting the quality of kitchen cabinets. The cabinet accessories include hinges, slide rails, functional hardware and connectors. Functional hardware mainly depends on the thickness and thickness of the pole, the thickness of the plating layer and the number of thin and plated layers. The slide rail has damping and no damping, and the damping must be more expensive. Hinge is the connection between door panel and cabinet, is the most frequently used cabinet accessories, should choose a good quality brand.

3. Work. I believe many people think that making a job is a very important criterion for measuring the quality of a product. The key is to see whether the sealing edge of the cabinet and the sealing strip of the cabinet are molded by machine, and the seal is still intact.

4, environmental protection. This is mainly due to the fact that the materials selected are not environmentally friendly. Whether the harmful substances are exceeding the standard and so on.

5, muffling.  steel kitchen cabinets and hardware collision will emit a relatively loud sound, good  steel kitchen cabinets will be equipped with silencing pads, to solve the noise problem.

6. Service in the future. The last thing is to look at the future service. General brand after-sales service is still good.

 KD-060 Kitchen Cabinet 01.jpg

Cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning method

(1) more scrubbing less alkaline substances.

(2)  steel has dirt on the surface and easy to remove dirt. It can be washed with soap, weak detergent or warm water.

(3)  steel surface grease, oil, lubricating oil pollution, wipe clean with cloth, then use neutral detergent or ammonia solution or special washing.

(4) bleach and all kinds of acid adherence. Rinse immediately with water or ammonia solution or neutral carbon soda solution.

Sex detergent or warm water washing.

(5) the trademark and film on the surface should be washed with warm water or weak detergent. The binder should be cleaned by alcohol or organic solvent.

(6),  steel sink should not use hard wire ball, chemical agent wiping or steel brush when cleaning. It is necessary to use soft towel, soft cloth to wipe or use neutral detergent, otherwise it will cause scratch or erosion.

Maintenance method

(1) avoid hot pot when using, and contact the cabinet directly with the cabinet, preferably on the rack.

(2) avoid using sharp objects to touch the table and door panels to avoid scratches.

(3) to avoid dye or hair dye directly placed on the table, chemicals will have erosive effects on many materials.

(4) the door panels of the cabinet, and the table tops use different cleaning methods according to different materials.

KD-061 Kitchen Cabinet 06.jpg