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Steel office furniture leads modern office new fashion
Jun 13, 2018

   With the development of economy and society, the demand for steel office furniture is getting higher and higher. Environmental protection, humanization and health are the trend of furniture. Plate furniture is not environmentally friendly, but solid wood or mahogany furniture, which is one of the symbols of human civilization, is expensive, and the general family or business simply can not afford it. This is destined to make environmentally friendly, healthy and inexpensive steel office furniture a trend.

   With the scarcity of wood, people have used thousands of years of solid wood furniture and mahogany furniture, in addition to the high price, which can not meet the people's increasingly individualized demand, and can only be reduced to the enjoyment of the local tyrants. Of course, cheap wooden furniture is not, no matter the price of solid wood is low wood, many functional defects, short life is not the mainstream. The plate furniture developed in the modern industrialization period, because in the process of pressure plate, the use of chemical adhesive products, resulting in such as the release of formaldehyde, benzene and other harmful substances, causing harm to my health, and its recycling rate is very low, is not worth recommending products.

   Compared with wooden furniture, steel office furniture has significant advantages in fire resistance, firmness and environmental protection. The steel office furniture is usually made of cold steel plate, and the surface is galvanized, hot zinc, powder electrostatic spraying and so on. Therefore, the high hardness and strong color of the steel office furniture are formed, so that it will not fall off or lead to the surface depression due to the ordinary impact. So that public furniture is often used, coupled with the high temperature baking process of up to more than 200 degrees in the production process, even if there are harmful substances, it has been evaporated. Steel can also be fully recovered, and the life of steel furniture is 3-5 times longer than that of furniture.

   In addition to the above, the storage efficiency of steel office furniture is much larger than that of wood. For example, the steel cabinet with the same specification is 10% more efficient than the plate cabinet. The steel cabinet laminates can be adjusted according to the needs of the office according to the needs of the office. This has become the standard configuration of steel cabinets, and plate furniture can not do this. Steel products can be combined with various materials such as aluminum, plastic steel, glass, cloth, leather and so on to form new functional furniture, and wood and plate are relatively limited. In short, the trend of steel office furniture instead of wooden furniture is unstoppable in the future.

Steel office furniture leads modern office new fashion