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Steel Storage Cabinet
Oct 24, 2018

2018-9-5, Filing Cabinet

Steel storage cabinet as its name implies is made of steel storage cabinet for raw materials, steel storage cabinet in daily life is one of the very common cabinets, and the variety of kitchen cabinets, steel storage cabinet is the most popular, but there are still many people do not understand steel storage cabinet, this encyclopedia will introduce steel storage cabinet Relevant knowledge.


How about Steel Storage Cabinets?


Steel storage cabinets, in short, are made of steel storage. They evolved from steel storage kitchenware in Hotel canteens. The concept and formation of steel storage cabinets in the family were later than that of wooden cabinets. They were probably formed in the late 1990s and were popular in a certain range. The reasons are as follows: 1. Strong modern metal style, deeply loved by the modern fashion flavor of the people enthusiastically; second, by wooden cabinets easy to crack, steel storage can just make up for the defects of wooden cabinets, so the original steel storage kitchenware only appeared in hotel restaurants and canteens were introduced into the family cabinets, steel storage cabinets. Zi reveals a strong postmodern character, and when dishes of delicious vegetables are brought out of such a kitchen, they are as refreshing and meticulous as those produced by industrialized precision casting.


Steel storage cabinet with steel storage cabinet meters are mostly simple straight lines, horizontal and vertical, reduce unnecessary decorative lines, thus creating a sense of openness of the space. In such a main atmosphere, the same material sink, cooking utensils, smoke pumping machine can be more concealed embedded in it, feeling integrated. In order to prevent the hard material cabinets and hanging cabinets from noise due to opening and closing, the cabinets will install mufflers in these places, so that you can enjoy a quiet cooking time. Steel storage cabinets are separable, and all components can be freely installed and assembled.


2018-10-24, Almirah

Advantages and Disadvantages of Steel Storage Cabinets:


1, Material Performance is Stable.

The steel storage cabinet uses the steel storage integration processing form, the cabinet and the mesa are the integral design, and the sink and the stove table also realized the effective fusion, the overall design looks more stable, simple and simple, has created the comfortable kitchen environment. The properties of steel storage are relatively stable, not easy to crack, also not easy to crack, support long-term use.


2. Strong Endurance.

Steel storage is a material that everyone will have a certain understanding of its fire, high temperature, heat resistance and other properties, even in the high temperature environment will not be recognized damage. And the steel storage material itself is relatively high density, moisture-proof, waterproof and impermeable, even if there is soup dipped in the use do not have to worry about, easy wipe can be done.


3, Green Environmental Safety

Compared with other materials cabinets, steel storage cabinets are environmentally friendly, all of its steel storage materials are treated by high-end environmental protection technology, even if there is no testing can be assured to use. After professional production and processing, the use of steel storage cabinets more environmentally friendly benefits, to create a healthy and safe comfortable kitchen environment.


4, Clean and Convenient Maintenance

Steel storage cabinet maintenance is relatively simple, usually do not need too much time to maintain. After use can be directly cleaned with bleaching water or detergent, a gentle wipe can be wiped clean, relatively better sanitary effect, clean and tidy greatly improved.