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The composition of the Mobile Archives Shelves
Jul 06, 2018


The Mobile archives shelves is mainly composed of track, frame, chassis, panel, door panel, directory frame and transmission device, anti dumping device, sealing device and so on. The production of dense frame adopts modular molding automation line, and after phosphating, the new technology of electrostatic spraying has the advantages of strict structure, beautiful appearance, luxury and elegance and so on. A lot of high quality brand manufacturers will provide intensive customized service, in accordance with the wishes of the customer to the site to customize the customer's unique environmental protection frame. Next, Keda company will share with you the detailed description of the shelves.

1, Track: including groove rail and guide rail.

2, Rack body: including column, hanging plate, shelf, book bar, dustproof board. A vertical column: a vertical column that supports the whole frame. Hanging plate: placed between the shelf and shelf, supporting and fixing function. Shelf: a flat board for storing archives. Book bar: used to separate double sided storage of information in the middle of the partition, to prevent confusion. Dust board: placed on the top of the frame for dust-proof.

3, Transmission device: including chain, gear, crank, bearing, roller, locking.

4, Chassis: the base which is mainly used to support the frame.

5, Sealing device: to prevent the dense frame joint from damage due to impact, at the same time, it can also reduce the noise produced by the dense frame, and play the role of anti-collision, dustproof, moistureproof, noise prevention and mouse prevention.

6. Panel: including inner panel, outer panel and door panel.

7, Roof: the top of the archive frame.

8, Directory box: located on the side board of the cabinet, used to place file classification information card.

9. Anti collapse device: it is installed at the junction of the chassis and the guide rail, which is used to stabilize the dense shelves and prevent the collapse of the file intensive shelves.

 The composition of the Mobile Archives Shelves

Luoyang Keda Office Furniture types of Archives Shelves are: mobile shelves (cabinets), manual shelves (cabinets), electric shelves (cabinets), and so on. The products of the KEDA collection frame are moulded by high quality cold rolled steel sheets, and the surface is processed by over a dozen processes such as degreasing and removing rust -- surface adjustment phosphating cleaning passivation. The latest international popular color and light electrostatic spray powder, plasticized at high temperature, excellent corrosion protection performance, various colors for users to choose. The contact surface between the frame is provided with cushioning, anti impact sealing baffle, dust proof board at the top, and anti mouse device at the bottom. There will be an anti dumping device in each frame. The side frame is equipped with a lockset for overall locking to ensure the safety of the overall file. The transmission mechanism is processed by precision machining, using the national standard parts, and the transmission is flexible and stable. The spacing of the laminates can be freely adjusted according to the needs. Free drawing, professional design, field measurement, specially designed 3D effect diagram to ensure customer satisfaction. Let your purchase all the effort to save effort. For details, please consult us at: +86 13937918196

KEDA furniture will have a professional online customer service to solve various problems in time for you, including and not limited to the pictures, materials, sizes, prices, performance, instructions, maintenance skills, and purchasing techniques of various kinds of dense shelves. Welcome new and old customers to come to discuss the patronage!

The composition of the Mobile Archives Shelves