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Wardrobe material difference between Oxford and non-woven fabric
Oct 12, 2016

What is Oxford and non-woven fabrics?

Oxford plain weave weft in your organization or basket weave weaving, textile weaving, is characterized by toughness, the bright color and soft, cloth body is soft and breathable, washable and quick-drying, Sun, thick and thin. Without exact name should be called non-woven fabric woven or non-woven, is formed without the need for spinning and weaving fabrics, textile staple fibres or filament form, and has a short process, production speed, high output and low cost, are moisture-proof ventilation, not combustion, toxic irritant-free, it can be recycled.

Two fabric categories

Oxford cloth products in real life: umbrellas, housing the washing machine, dryer housing, clothes, coats lined with the slippery fabric. Non-woven fabric products, used in the supermarket or clothing store, shoe store shopping bags, pillows or pillow pillow covers many applications.

Oxford cloth and nonwoven fabric durability compared

Oxford cloth except has no spinning cloth of dust, breathable of function outside, compared no spinning cloth, Oxford cloth has more high-end, and more thin, and more strong, and more durable, and can washing, no spinning cloth no of advantages, thickened composite Oxford cloth, texture more superior, in no human of damage Xia, life up 10-15 years, but chuan well customer service in solution consumers purchase cloth Cabinet proposed to of doubts Shi found, cloth sets first using has odor, Oxford cloth may odor slightly heavy, Kawai home recommends in outdoor drying a time, until odor slow will can using. Non-woven fabric quality is a bit poor, broken a tear, aging one year later found, serious decomposition of rotting, but do not wash. But market lamination non-woven fabric, cloth cover the improvement can be scrubbed.

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