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Why is steel office furniture so hot?
Nov 28, 2018

Why is steel office furniture so hot?

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Steel office furniture is becoming more and more popular with consumers. So why do you like steel office furniture so much?

1, Solid and Durable

Structurally speaking, steel furniture is mainly spot welding and argon welding. Each part of the furniture is connected as a whole, which is not easy to deform, and the maintenance rate is very low.

However, it is also important to note that the thickness of the steel plate must meet the requirements of the specifications, if jerry-building, steel plate made very thin, it is easy to have problems!

2. High Safety.

Generally, steel products have three major security guarantees: fire prevention, waterproof and theft prevention. These advantages are not available for wooden furniture. They can be used in harsh environments and special uses. When special circumstances occur, they can also minimize losses.

3. High Utilization Rate of Space

Because steel plate is thinner than other materials, it has obvious advantages in saving external space or making full use of internal space.

Nowadays, in some big cities, the rent is settled by the rent per square day, so steel furniture is more useful.

4, Health and Environmental Protection

Generally, the steel plate does not need glue processing, so it will not volatilize harmful gases, not to mention strange odor, environmental protection and pollution-free, very in line with the requirements of modern people on furniture.

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5, Beautiful Fashion

Steel office furniture is simple and fashionable, modern and in line with the trend of the times. Choose colorful colors to match different use environments, different elements can also construct a harmonious and diverse office space.

6, Rich in Functions

From the point of view of processing, steel has good flexibility, and at the same time has the stiffness required by furniture. It can meet various forms and structural shapes, and easily realize multi-functional customization of furniture.

With the market demand and consumers'favor, the "fire" of steel office furniture is also burning more and more vigorously.

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