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Wide Lateral Two Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet
Jul 03, 2018

lateral two drawer metal filing cabinet

Product Name: Lateral Two Drawer Metal Filing Cabinet

Brand: Keda, Luoyang

Product model: KD-001

Color: black, white, gray, or other

Product size: W900*D450*H731mm

Package size: 0.090cbm

Whether to customize: support customization

Steel sheet material: high quality cold rolled steel plate

Product configuration: linkage lock

Product structure: optional and disassembly structure optional



The main features of the product:


Full spread three section steel slider, pull and pull smoothly;

Anti-dumping device;

100% drawers can be pulled out.

The new patent structure, the product is more firm.


Steel slider - smooth stretching and good stability

Full exhibition three section steel hanging rail, smooth pulling. The convenient drawer is completely pulled out. There is a damping device to prevent accidental falling off. It slides smoothly along the precise guide rail and has high stability.


High grade lockset + folding key -- durable and safe

1. beautiful central control lock, three pumping chain, high safety lock core interlock rate is low, safety factor is more secure;

2., easy to carry, prevent wear and tear, reduce the hidden danger of breaking the key into the lock core.


Large capacity, two pumping + adjusting lever -- reasonable design and super large space

1. clear classification, good load-bearing, reasonable design, meet various specifications of storage requirements;

2. The card box is specially designed to make the card box compatible with A4/F4. Make the document orderly and convenient for space use.


Anti dumping device - interlocking function to prevent dumping

It has interlocking function. One can only open one drawer at a time, with high security. It can effectively prevent dumping and accident.


One word button design - arc hand in one molding

Fashion is beautiful and generous. Arc angle design, humanized care.


Plastic feet - close care, protect your floor.

lateral two drawer metal filing cabinet 

The main advantages of the product:

Advantages 1: high quality plate, advanced technology - select the international first class SPCC high quality cold rolled steel plate, smooth surface, with all kinds of superior mechanical properties, not easy to deform, high strength, steel plate thickness of 0.5-1mm.

Automatic numerical control steel strip line, automatic control, through high precision roller grinding wheel, automatic rolling molding, automatic sizing cutting, plate molding whole, cutting length is accurate, durable! The high precision, high productivity and high quality are fully realized. Reduce product design cycle and speed up work efficiency. Stringent plate quality requirements, with advanced production equipment, create Luoyang Keda products excellent quality!


Advantage 2: electrostatic powder spraying, environmental protection and phosphorus free, zero formaldehyde, zero release, zero odor.

The classification of powder coatings on the market is uneven. Luoyang Keda chose the epoxy polyester subsurface powder which is the most suitable for steel furniture. It is not only economical and beautiful, but also greatly improves the outdoor performance of the powder coating. In color, the visual effect is strong, the decoration is strong, the color is soft and the luxury and elegance. The coating was sprayed with matte or orange peel, the gloss was 20-25 degrees, the impact strength was >4N.m, the coating thickness was 60-70um, and the technical performance index conformed to the national standard. The coating has excellent decoration, yellowing resistance, mechanical properties and strong corrosion resistance. It is non-toxic, tasteless, non irritating and pollution-free powder coating.

At the same time, we have adopted the leading international electrostatic spraying production line, such as high pressure water washing, pre degreasing spray, water washing, hot washing, table adjustment, phosphating, washing and passivation. The spray gun can automatically change the total energy of the electrostatic charge according to the distance of the spray distance and the size of the powder quantity, so as to ensure the best charging performance and the electric field front degree, so as to obtain the best spraying effect. The Faraday effect is solved to minimize the phenomenon of orange peel and pinhole. The surface of the product is gorgeous and glossy. It can realize special coating and hand feeling. It is not easy to fall off. It ensures that the product has strong corrosion resistance, strong coating, smooth, nontoxic, tasteless and unanimous color. Improve the quality of products, reduce the cost of investment, give profits to customers.


Advantage 3: industrial strength 11 years famous brand in China, modern factory building and advanced production line.

Luoyang Keda Office Furniture Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, the registered capital of 58 million 100 thousand RMB, 11 years to focus on the production and research and development of high quality file cabinet, with ISO, BSCI, BV, Henan famous brand, famous trademarks and many other honors.  Adhere to quality and create steel office furniture with craftsman spirit.

Luoyang Keda has a leading line of production line, 200 thousand pieces of steel cabinet, adhere to the most stringent quality control system, large modern production workshop, rapid, efficient, low consumption, each link strictly control.


Advantage 4: professional customization - senior design team, efficient large-scale equipment

Luoyang Keda Office Furniture Co., Ltd. set up a high quality and highly educated design and research team with a bachelor's degree or above 90%.  We have hired professionals from Henan University of Science and Technology and research institutes to provide our enterprises with cutting-edge technical support in the same industry. It can provide customers with high quality product design plan and satisfy customers' various customization requirements professionally and quickly.


Keda is committed to technological innovation, innovative professional design team with advanced CNC equipment, to achieve rapid proofing, precise customization. With laser cutting machine, CNC machine tool, laser welding machine and other large-scale equipment and the most advanced large spray line in the industry, four state-of-the-art CNC shearing, punching and folding lines have achieved first-class quality in terms of quality and process, function and efficiency.


Advantage 5: Sales testimony - exported to the world, word of mouth witness, five-star service

Keda office furniture has a national sales network, professional after-sales service team, the most perfect offline experience and service, sales in the first year in the industry; 10 years of foreign trade experience, export more than 100 countries, the export volume of the first year in the industry.


All our staff sincerely hope to cooperate with you and win together!

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