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4 Advantages Of Steel Office File Cabinet
Feb 28, 2018

    The advantages of steel office file cabinet (usually called steel cabinet or steel file cabinet) are obvious compared with the normal wooden file cabinet. Normal wooden file cabinet can be used only in 3-5 years, however, high-quality steel cabinet can use for over 10 years. Moreover, the old or used steel file cabinet can be sold at unit price of USD 10 ~ USD 20, but the wood type file cabinets are of no value at all; Also the extra delivery cost will be high. To consider the problem of environmental pollution, the steel file cabinet is obviously your best office choice.


  4 Advantages of Choosing Steel Office File Cabinet

1.       Steel office file cabinet is better than wooden cabinet for fireproof, and more chances of escaping from fire and earthquake as well. In Europe and America market, the steel office furniture products account for more than 40%, Japan is more advanced 60%-80%, thus it has a good fire protection effect.

2.       Steel file cabinet has longer using life, thus the rate of investment and value preservation is higher.

3.       Steel file cabinet can be reused. In general, the steel cabinet contains high ratio of recycled raw materials and is more friendly to the environment.

4.       Steel filing cabinet is healthier and safer. Wooden furniture releases formaldehyde and other carcinogenic substances due to the process of bonding and painting. The steel file cabinet coatings belongs to electrostatic spraying process. After 200 degree or above baking, no harmful substances will exist, formaldehyde is released by 0, and it is more healthy and safe for office use.

 4 Advantages of Choosing Steel Office File Cabinet

4 Advantages of Choosing Steel Office File Cabinet