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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Steel Office Furniture
Jul 12, 2017

Steel office appear relatively late, but increasingly welcomed in recent years, so, for steel office furniture, what is the advantages and disadvantages?

The steel furniture series is a lightweight, simple and economical mobile storage device. They can use the maximum storage efficiency to reduce the use of the venue, saving your rental costs. Can be no exaggeration to say that the annual cost of the body can let you buy a new "file cabinet combination."


In addition to the overall steel furniture, office cabinets, some of the human accessories, such as: 40Kg can be fixed bearing shelf, can be used as activities of the activities of the table shelf, all kinds of A4 and FC folder for the folder And so on, to further enrich the office storage function.


Steel office furniture in addition to the storage function as a storage cabinet, but also for public environments in the wardrobe, shoe and so on. In general, steel furniture instead of wooden furniture is a big trend, compared to wooden furniture, steel furniture, low prices, long life, good sliding performance, you can save about 20 percent of space.