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Clever Use Of Rack Storage Upgrade Small Apartment Space
Oct 12, 2016

Some appliances around bits of the wall, should also be efficient, such as a washing machine, TV, air conditioning, vertical. In such as case, although there is no Cabinet surrounding small stove, but some small storage unit on the wall, such as dish, seasoning, sauce vinegar, pots and pans and tidy storage, provides great convenience for cooking.

Since we take into the area at the top of the wall, that must not be missed area at the top of the form, can draw on in case the storage framework, some of the less used stuff on the shelf.

Bed is often neglected space directly after, may just hang a picture. Actually-bed hiding huge storage potential. Wall above the decorative painting, wedding pictures, mirrors can be designed as a single-row, like in case of storage of small shelves to meet you like to read before going to bed.

Storage racks families receive necessary items in the kitchen as well. Kitchen cabinets covered the place, such as top end, you can set multiple shelves. Shelving areas can either become the showpiece of concentration areas, can also receive books, pots and pans, a high utilization rate of debris, classification places them neatly, doesn't look cluttered, handier to use.

Next to the Cabinet room wall may be small, but long enough to receive a few simple tools. The Pan, cutting boards and other high rate of daily use items are taking up space, wall-mounted storage rack can be used to receive. This can be an easy and does not take up space. Break not only for fresh hotspot, make life convenient.

In addition to taking into account features of filter Rod racks between visual perception and shelving designed among other things, for the small apartment kitchen, spacious impression is the desired effect, glass shelves, shelf transparent walls look more spacious and tidy.