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Cold Storage Shelf What Material Should Be Chosen?
Oct 12, 2016

Refrigerator or freezer air is very humid and the air with large amounts of water, and store goods shelf is usually made of iron or steel, then how should we choose the best configuration? First introduced about stainless steel material of layer frame, pure of stainless steel has points 304 stainless steel and 201 stainless steel, and 201 stainless steel currently in market Shang has most of material are mixed has more of miscellaneous material, led to material structure has occurred substantive of change, and cannot up to not rust of role, even some bad businesses also to reduced cost, mixed of miscellaneous material than General of pure iron business material of anti-corrosion capacity also poor. Much better than 201 stainless steel 304 stainless steel, but the price is unacceptable, usually a set of four levels of medium size 304 stainless steel shelf price going to 2000~3000 Yuan, the high cost of putting much pressure on restaurants.

So here, we recommend our special-purpose cold storage shelf. Material used hard of carbon steel material, surface processing can select plating zinc + spray powder or directly spray powder also line, but absolute cannot select plating chrome of surface processing, because plating chrome processing than above two species processing of anti-corrosion capacity poor many, contact more wet of air Shi, plating chrome layer frame than above two species layer frame faster more of occurred oxidation, then began surface up rust points, slowly large large of rust, although using function not has too big of effect, but rust Hou of layer frame but appearance to let people accept Oh. And Kawai brand dedicated cold storage layer frame, surface processing after more process production completed, can through 72 hours of smoke test, put in cold storage or freezer storage food, and health fruit, and meat, layer frame not only check can long are not rust, and each layer of bearing also can storage 250 kg of items Oh, greatly of save space, and can guarantee food of fresh degree not metamorphic.