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Furniture Fashion Trends
Oct 12, 2016

Steel-wood furniture consumption concept matures, precisely because it has a lot of irresistible charm, now look for all furniture with 6 big advantage of enrichment.

1: personalized style

Constitute the main components used in modern furniture quality of thin-wall thickness of 1 to 1.2 mm carbon steel stainless steel tube or aluminum metal pipe and so on. Because of the thin-walled metal tubes toughness, ductile, design can according to the designer's artistic ingenuity, give full play to the imagination, processed into a variety of curves and colorful, beautiful curved shapes and styles. Very artistic taste of metal tube frame with solid wood, Panel, cloth, stone, glass and other spare parts or accessories clever tie-in with, all different styles, kind of charm, very enjoyable. Many unique metal furniture, style of avant garde, presents a highly personalized style, these tend to be wooden furniture is difficult to compare and match.

2: color selection

Surface finishing of the furniture can be said to be colorful, can be a variety of beautiful colors of polyurethane powder coating, can also be a bare stage chrome; can be crystal clear bright, luxurious and elegant vacuum nitriding of titanium or titanium carbide coating, can also be a titanium coating and powder spray the perfect combination of two or more color contrast increases. At present, the internationally popular k-gold and black plating gold plating process, more grades and grade of metal furniture to a very high level. Steel wood furniture uses and aesthetic functions in one, some of the best high quality collectible.

3: categories of species diversity

Furniture category and are rich in variety, suitable for the bedroom, living room, dining area fully furnished for use in. These steel-wood furniture can be a good family rooms need a different atmosphere, home style more and more modern.

4: folding function

Steel-wood furniture, many with collapsed features, not only easy to use, you can also save space, limited family living environment is relatively relaxed and comfortable.

5: aesthetic value

Budding iron furniture in the country nearly two years into Chinese and Western classical charm in seemingly straightforward style, elegant simplicity and modern atmosphere, full of artistic value and aesthetic value for today's furniture market has added a unique feature of this.

6: goods and cheap

Furniture wood furniture a lot cheaper price than solid wood, this income but taken with witty and creative interior decorating easy and the income is not yet profitable, but pay attention to the benefits and beauty of the family, for purchasing furniture is affordable.