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How To Select Metal Office Furniture
Jun 23, 2017

There are various type of File cabinet,comes with swing door file cabinet, glass doors, with drawers, foldable filing cabinet, the combination of counters, etc., So, How we to select the furniture with good quality?

  1. The raw materials.

    Good quality Metal storage cabinet selection of imported cold-rolled steel or galvanized steel, galvanized sheet without pickling, phosphating, rust treatment. Cabinet surface with imported mixed thermosetting powder coating, high temperature, anti-static!

  2. Material thickness.

    Product thickness = material thickness  + plastic powder thickness; Usually door slightly thicker, Inner boards slightly thinner , the thickness of the general business after powder coating.

  3. Surface treatment and welding process.

    Check the internal structure of the spot welding.

  4. The spare parts like handles, locks, etc..

    All of the metal cabinets of "keda", comes with the spare parts that bought from reliable suppliers, or some of them are imported from Thailand.