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Metal 3 Doors Wardrobe For Saudi Arabia
Aug 22, 2018

Metal wardrobe refers to the wardrobe for storing clothes, is an indispensable commodity in people's lives, widely used in households, public utilities, offices, schools and other places, modern changing cabinet is made of steel, wood, plastic and so on.

Metal wardrobe: 0.4-0.8 mm high-quality cold-rolled steel plate; wardrobe using electrostatic spraying equipment for phosphating and rust prevention; color for matt white or gray white, other colors can be customized; specifications: 1800/1850 * 900 * 420 mm, unconventional size manufacturers can be customized; some manufacturers will also use iron sheet to save costs Please pay attention when buying.

This 3 door metal wardrobe are customized for Saudi Arabia market. They are sold very well by our clients there.  We accept any OEM & ODM service.   If you are highly interested, pls. no hesitate to contact us immediately. 

Metal 3 Doors Wardrobe for Saudi Arabia