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Racks To Match The Décor Of The Room?
Oct 12, 2016

Racks due to its practical, stylish, easy assembly features, are loved by more and more young people. However, racks bought, and put it nice is not an easy task. Something less space, too much clutter. Shelf company, Yu gave place essentials, racks not only receive function can also help you decorate beautifying the environment. And the décor of the room placing the use of monochromatic materials in metal or wood, smooth lines, no extra complicated decoration, decoration with modern minimalist style with each other.

Color should choose neutral color

Neutral color such as black, white, silver, Brown, low-key restraint, give the feeling of calm and comfortable, whether it is placed in cold or warm environments, can work.

The placing of objects color to be uniform

Stacked on the shelves too much color, easy to seem complicated, causing eye strain. In addition, the bright, eye-catching colors should not be widely used and can be used as local ornament.

Don't fill racks

Placing too much too full, not only giving pressure, can also undermine the overall aesthetic. Adequate white space, in order to create a concise and lively sense of depth and space.

Placing plants for decoration

Little green, you give the shelf life, creating a fresh and natural spaces. Feast for the eyes at the same time, you can purify the air and relieve stress.

Match storage basket (box)

Trivial to place small items such as loose on the shelf, both covers and affect the appearance. Matching paper storage boxes or fabric storage baskets, rattan storage basket, category, when used at a glance, or when not eyesores.

Multiple racks used in combination

A shelf may seem weak or abrupt, multiple racks may be grouped together, tone or style further, create a complete personal storage/decorative space.

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