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Shelf Safe To Use?
Oct 12, 2016

Shelves can be classified by load heavy shelf and middle shelf, light shelves, different shelves need to be paid attention to when in use. But in the shelf are some safety knowledge is the same. How to use shelf is more secure? Use the racking process, we should pay attention to what security common sense? First, we will introduce general problems in the shelves, and then we will introduce several shelves of maintenance of common sense.

Racking security knowledge:

1, overload-proof: storage of maximum load of each layer shall not exceed rack weight design.

2, prevention of super high and width: shelf height, width restriction, dimensions of the pallets and cargo net space should be slightly smaller than the 100mm.

3, impact-resistant: forklift truck in the process, try to gently.

4, prevention of top-heavy: should senior light cargoes, the underlying principles of heavy cargo.

5, to prevent inconvenience to the platen (card) on the shelf, most appropriate at the end of the word.

6, placed above the shelf goods, operators try not to go directly to the bottom shelf.