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The 11 Features Of Custom-made Steel Furniture
Mar 07, 2018

The 11 Features of Custom-made Steel Furniture

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1. Wide range of applications.

Steel furntiure is widely used in office furniture, experiment, Home Furnishing and fire, shock resistant and antimagnetic etc.. We found it used everywhere in the office, the laboratory, the house, the airport station, the archives.

2. Environmental protection,and high recycling rate of reuse

Steel furniture products due to reasons of material and process does not contain formaldehyde and other volatile chemical constituents on human affinity; in addition the steel recycling renewable simple steel furniture recycling rate is very high, from the production side of the corner to the old little waste.

3. Storage space is relatively larger

The steel furniture storage space is larger than the wooden furniture, and it can increase the storage of the unit space to 5-10%.

4. Bearing stronger gravity.

Compared to wooden furniture, plug, three in one and other accessories. Steel furniture has a natural bearing capacity, so it is safer to use.

5. Strong sense of Modernity.

The modern feeling and the sense of science and technology are more consistent with the consumption habits of the modern people with the technology of combining the steel furniture with the spraying technology.

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6. More private and safer

Steel furniture with a variety of security, fire prevention, moistureproof, antimagnetic fittings for use so privacy, more security.

7. Flexible structure and shape customization.

The plasticity of steel furniture is strong, it can realize almost all kinds of structure and shape, combined with the combination of welding and many kinds of materials and technology, it can easily realize multi-function customization.

8. Color customization is flexible and simple.

You can choose colorful colors to match different office environments, and you can also combine different colors or even processes to achieve different consumer needs on single products.

9. Long service life

The use of cycle and service life longer, the normal use of 8-10 years, the product is still as new.

10. Multiple protective functions.

Moistureproof, fire prevention and corrosion prevention are not available in wooden furniture, and can be applied to the worse environment and special environment.

11. Simple to clean.

Steel furntiure is moistureproof, fireproof and anticorrosion so that the surface is more easy to clean, and can be wiped with organic solvent.

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