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The Status Of Steel Office Furniture In Furniture Industry
Jul 24, 2017

Steel furniture in the furniture industry status

          Due to the general lack of credit in the domestic market, people have reason to worry about the environmental problems of wooden furniture. 

          With the strengthening of people's awareness of environmental protection, many countries prohibit or limit the logging of forests, as wood furniture, the main raw material more and more scarce, forcing people to strengthen the utilization of wood raw materials, the original abandoned short wood, wood chips , Wood slag and so on through a variety of chemical bonding made of new wood raw materials, but it has increased people's concerns about its environmental protection, especially in order to reduce the cost of many manufacturers, the use of non-environmentally friendly chemical adhesives , The people's respiratory system damage, do not meet the people's pursuit of a healthy life concept. 


         The steel furniture as a result of the gradual maturity of the manufacturing process, has entered the era of industrial production, the use of its large number of CNC equipment, but also to make the manufacture of steel furniture to millimeter or even micron level, while maintaining the raw materials cold-rolled steel  of non-toxic, tasteless Characteristics, making the product has a green environmental characteristics, in thousands of years to the wooden furniture-based furniture industry in the sudden emergence of a very broad market potential.