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With Content Incorporated Small Designs
Oct 12, 2016

Entrance: go out--and the first thing

Porch family first embodiment of style and go out into the first place, you need to take into account the actions corresponding to the process of going out. A powerful admission entrance to people at the door as soon as shoes, bags, hats, umbrellas, key wallets watches fragmented storage neat and liberates the other indoor spaces.

Vestibule space from top to bottom can be divided into four parts: the upper room does not wear shoes. Door and drawer can be set lower, placing often wear shoes and a variety of documents, shoe Polish, rope, metal tools and other objects. Groove formed between upper and lower platforms, placing small odds and decorative items such as keys, but also convenient to sign express Oh sensor light can be set on a platform, feel the master came home in the evening light, warm and bright! Lower cabinets and floors can be left blank 20CM, helps ventilation, place came into the room and took off his shoes and slippers, so as not to put shoes outside the Cabinet clutter and not continually switch cabinet door.

Shoes according to ergonomic design, typically no larger than 32CM, so shoe Cabinet depth is set to 35-40CM, big shoes and shoe box can be put down. Small porch, also in accordance with the 27CM slopes of the deep-layer board design. Height of the shoe plate is usually set to 15CM, it is recommended that at design time, set the place a layer of nuts on both sides tightly, but with different shoes height adjustment plate height.

--Small corner in the corner of a large space

Corner indoor activity is less heavily exposed in a space, corner shapes also large furniture and used, so far from the corner of a window or furniture, but usage is very low.

In General, we the wall space can be divided into two categories. First is the indomitable spirit, which designs covering the corners of the whole space. Second half-height, which is part of the corner space for storage design.

Core point is how to set the angle of the corner design furniture, dull, stiff and awkward corners and lively use. Come on, look at the following ~~

Restaurant and the tables that are used in the study is located in the middle part of the room, this room, human activity is generally circular area formed around the table, so the room can set the corner Cabinet in the corner, increasing floor space.

When placing sofas, sofas are not normally close to the wall at both ends, and place a small cabinet or a small coffee table, rather than full use of corner space as a whole, set the shelf racks, adding more storage space.

Entrance to the narrow corner of inappropriate as a whole, set small shelves or racks are a good selection of chic.

For the lower corner of the space is already occupied, you can set the corner wall cabinet.

Rotate tray and drawer corner can better realize the "l" corner of cabinet space. Rare corner drawers, eight small drawers for four large drawers, specially designed around the corner, is open, thus, expanded the area of each drawer, corner of every inch of the place would be a waste, can be used in any corner Cabinet corner.