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Women Will Read How Cloth Chest
Oct 12, 2016

Single people

Whether just the job soon, fewer clothes or work longer every day to change clothes, single people, home closet is usually simple, only requires setting internal storage accessories to help, you can use the simple cloth wardrobe clothing replacement.

Storage advice: when trying to establish a good sense storage, lay a good foundation for the future are about to enter marriage. Can on its own clothing order, you can also wear clothes a week ahead nicely, to save time.

Two world

Married but had no children, is enjoying sweet romantic two-person world. Wardrobe or cloth chest can only consider two people need in their daily life, reasonable distinction.

Storage recommendations: partitions placed men and women clothing, avoid the wrong mix. Upper public wardrobe space, can hold up to a total of quilts and other items.

Family of three

With the baby, more natural. Wardrobe in addition to storing clothing also consider leaving space to store toys for the children.

Storage recommendations: you can design your closet to a Chase, the upper pendant, used clothing store, and place the quilt bedding such as space, wardrobe lower vacant children at any time open the door to take clothes and toys to the collection. Proposals to increase the simple cloth hood to save space, increase mobile flexibility. Can also select box with clamshell, children can also write number in storage boxes, representing the clothing category, inspiring the children to receive interest.