Our team is an integral part of our success, find out why.

 Keda serves Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, American and South America supporting regional and global steel office furniture. Our sales team has extensive experience in many industries including business, healthcare, education, government, industrial and public spaces.

To connect with the sales team member for your region or market, please contact us at: +86-13937918196(mobile) or e-mail to: . 

1. We are a TEAM.

“Cease to struggle and you cease to live. ---Thomas Carlyle.”

Young, Enthusiasm and Creative. Yes, we are. 

Steady, Experienced, and Professional. Yes, we are. 

We are the team who brings everyone together to achieve the results more than you expect.

We are the team who deeply believes in that we can create more miracles. 

We are the team who knows our goals clearly and fighting for it diligently.

We are the team who will make you never regret for choosing us.

keta team

keta team

 keta team

keta team

2. Communication meeting

He who knows only his own side of the case, knows little of that.   —— Guoyu Liu

The communication meeting is hold at the end of each month. All the sales department, inspection department, skilled workers, engineers, instructors and leadership gather together to discuss and analyze the ongoing orders. Then, many mistakes could be avoided during the production. Everyone knows the case well and will take their responsibility. Communication not only makes us a big harmony family, but also forms a closer team.


keta team

3. Meeting in Park

“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy; all play and no work makes Jack a mere boy.”

We, Keda, care about the efficient a lot. Combine work and play together brings efficient work. For us, the meeting room is flexible and movable, such as, Office, parks, riverside and cafés. Opening mind makes us a farsighted and innovative team, so that we can serve you more professional and effective. 

keta team

4. Yoga time 

“The best time is morning. The best practice is diligence. The best approach to a problem is reason. The best principle for a family is harmony.”

We go park doing Yoga during morning at the beginning of the new month. Find the inner peace in our heart. Feel the strong relationship between each other in our warmly team. Find the harmony between work and life. New month, new beginning. We hope to be the best so as to serve the clients carefully and happily by ourselves.

keta team

5.  Our team, full with love and happiness, diligent and responsible, honest and reliable, is the best team to work with you.